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Hump Day Update

30 Jun

It’s been a low-key day for Jasmine and I since the niños have been at their grandparents since around noon.  We’ve spent the afternoon watching soap operas and ironing.  I did have a little excision to the pharmacy which was a huge success, God bless the health system here in Spain.

Ready for their day out and about. Inés has a bit of trouble smiling for the camera sometimes but she still looks just like a little doll, I think.


Another Day

29 Jun

Another siesta,

When I went to wake Almu this afternoon this is how a found her. It was too good not to capture.

Another tantrum on the kitchen floor,


And another partido.

Spain is playing Portugal in the World Cup tonight. España, España, España...! We've got the game on this time.

Update: España ha ganado…Spain won!  When Villa scored the only goal of the game the urbanización erupted in cheering.  Have to appreciate the passion they have for their fútbol.

Spain won, Spain won! And look at our team spirit.


27 Jun

Ariel, belting it out.

I’ve spent time in Spain and my Spanish isn’t terrible but it’s far, far from perfect.

Lounging by the pool today I realized what I feel like most of the time here in Madrid when I speak.  The feeling reminds me of the scenes in the Little Mermaid when Ariel exchanges her voice for a human body.  Subsequently she is unable to identify herself to Prince Eric as the mermaid who saved his life and explain that he must kiss her in order for her to regain her voice.  The film was never one of my favorites growing up, mostly because her silenced situation was so frustrating to me…

So, while I’m not exactly mute I sometimes feel exasperated at rarely being able to express myself precisely as I want.

My case does seem much better than that of the mermaid turned princess since her own agency alone was not enough break the spell that had been place on her.  I, on the other hand, have plenty of agency to master Spanish-the tricky pronouns and all-and I will, I will!

Artistic Genius (and a Few Other Rainy Day Thoughts)

27 Jun

Almundena bestowed this beautiful masterpiece on me a few days ago and I thought I would share it.

It's a drawing of me! I really do think she is talented, she filled the entire page with color.

On another note, the United States played Ghana in the World Cup and lost, evidently…I missed the game but my weak grasp of the tournament makes me think the American team must be headed home now.

And finally, on a even sadder note than the U.S. soccer defeat, it is a very gray day here in Madrid.  A week ago, as I carefully packed my belongings into an enormous suitcase my mother suggested I slip a raincoat in with the rest of my clothes.  I told her that it never rained in Madrid and that it was unnecessary.  Well, here is the lesson I suppose: my mama knows what’s good and ought to be listened to all costs.  I’m trapped inside without a raincoat and without a thing to do today cooped up in the house…

Tragedy: our much beloved pool empty on account of the rain.

Update: The Spanish sun, in which I put all my faith in while packing, did come through this afternoon.  Around 3 the sun was shining and it must have been at least 90 degrees, I spent a few hours reading by the pool and soaking up the rays.

Little ones say…

26 Jun

the darndest things.

Today, Santi told me that he, and he alone, was the one who had decided that I would come back this summer and work for the family again as a nanny.  I asked him if his parents left all the important decisions to me and he said smiled, said yes, and asked me for a sandwich.  He is probably my one true love.

Handsome, handsome.

Update: Scratch that claim that this little man is my one true love.  Tonight just as I had finished shaving my left leg and was about to begin on my right what do I hear but a little voice whining, “Anna-lisa” outside the bathroom door.  Peaceful shower interrupted!  Who crept out of bed to tell his sunburn hurt?  I ushered him into be telling him we’d fix him up tomorrow…which isn’t a total lie, we’ll lather on the sunblock like it’s our job.

Day one, done.

25 Jun

My brilliant photography skills have been exercised in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid.

My first day in Madrid, and here I am, in one (very exhausted) piece.  Jasmine and I are sprawled out in the living room, the only two people in the country who are not watching the Spanish soccer team beat Chile to advance in the tournament.  Although we did just hear some shouting and have deduced that “La Furia Roja” has indeed triumphed.  Instead of the match we have “Sortilegio” on-a soap opera that is very well acted and not at all too sappy.

They really do care about soccer. A whole pack of teenagers walked onto the train today wearing Spanish flags. I actually love it a little bit! Now if only I understood soccer or what is happening with the World Cup...

I suppose it makes sense to mention what I’m up to in Madrid.  I’m here working as a nanny for these three adorable little bopers.

Much too cute to be allowed, obviously.

I’ll have to detail our escapades gradually.

It’s storming tonight in Madrid and Santiago, age 4, just walked in scared to death of the thunder.  He breaks my heart he’s so sweet sometimes but he has his moments…he can be a first-class stinker when he tries!

And I’m off to check on the kiddies…