Day one, done.

25 Jun

My brilliant photography skills have been exercised in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid.

My first day in Madrid, and here I am, in one (very exhausted) piece.  Jasmine and I are sprawled out in the living room, the only two people in the country who are not watching the Spanish soccer team beat Chile to advance in the tournament.  Although we did just hear some shouting and have deduced that “La Furia Roja” has indeed triumphed.  Instead of the match we have “Sortilegio” on-a soap opera that is very well acted and not at all too sappy.

They really do care about soccer. A whole pack of teenagers walked onto the train today wearing Spanish flags. I actually love it a little bit! Now if only I understood soccer or what is happening with the World Cup...

I suppose it makes sense to mention what I’m up to in Madrid.  I’m here working as a nanny for these three adorable little bopers.

Much too cute to be allowed, obviously.

I’ll have to detail our escapades gradually.

It’s storming tonight in Madrid and Santiago, age 4, just walked in scared to death of the thunder.  He breaks my heart he’s so sweet sometimes but he has his moments…he can be a first-class stinker when he tries!

And I’m off to check on the kiddies…


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