Little ones say…

26 Jun

the darndest things.

Today, Santi told me that he, and he alone, was the one who had decided that I would come back this summer and work for the family again as a nanny.  I asked him if his parents left all the important decisions to me and he said smiled, said yes, and asked me for a sandwich.  He is probably my one true love.

Handsome, handsome.

Update: Scratch that claim that this little man is my one true love.  Tonight just as I had finished shaving my left leg and was about to begin on my right what do I hear but a little voice whining, “Anna-lisa” outside the bathroom door.  Peaceful shower interrupted!  Who crept out of bed to tell his sunburn hurt?  I ushered him into be telling him we’d fix him up tomorrow…which isn’t a total lie, we’ll lather on the sunblock like it’s our job.


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