Artistic Genius (and a Few Other Rainy Day Thoughts)

27 Jun

Almundena bestowed this beautiful masterpiece on me a few days ago and I thought I would share it.

It's a drawing of me! I really do think she is talented, she filled the entire page with color.

On another note, the United States played Ghana in the World Cup and lost, evidently…I missed the game but my weak grasp of the tournament makes me think the American team must be headed home now.

And finally, on a even sadder note than the U.S. soccer defeat, it is a very gray day here in Madrid.  A week ago, as I carefully packed my belongings into an enormous suitcase my mother suggested I slip a raincoat in with the rest of my clothes.  I told her that it never rained in Madrid and that it was unnecessary.  Well, here is the lesson I suppose: my mama knows what’s good and ought to be listened to all costs.  I’m trapped inside without a raincoat and without a thing to do today cooped up in the house…

Tragedy: our much beloved pool empty on account of the rain.

Update: The Spanish sun, in which I put all my faith in while packing, did come through this afternoon.  Around 3 the sun was shining and it must have been at least 90 degrees, I spent a few hours reading by the pool and soaking up the rays.


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