27 Jun

Ariel, belting it out.

I’ve spent time in Spain and my Spanish isn’t terrible but it’s far, far from perfect.

Lounging by the pool today I realized what I feel like most of the time here in Madrid when I speak.  The feeling reminds me of the scenes in the Little Mermaid when Ariel exchanges her voice for a human body.  Subsequently she is unable to identify herself to Prince Eric as the mermaid who saved his life and explain that he must kiss her in order for her to regain her voice.  The film was never one of my favorites growing up, mostly because her silenced situation was so frustrating to me…

So, while I’m not exactly mute I sometimes feel exasperated at rarely being able to express myself precisely as I want.

My case does seem much better than that of the mermaid turned princess since her own agency alone was not enough break the spell that had been place on her.  I, on the other hand, have plenty of agency to master Spanish-the tricky pronouns and all-and I will, I will!


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