Tattoos and Teeth

2 Jul

This morning we woke up and and once we were dragged out of our television induced coma, as evidenced below, we peeked out the window.

Is it terrifying that their eyes cannot be torn away from the Dora the Explorer to look at the camera? Absolutely, we had to turn it off shortly after we took this photo.

Roused from a cartoon stupor and evaluating the weather.

Much to our surprise we discovered it was raining.

Hardly thrilled by the downpour.

I remembered that I had (or actually, that my mama had)  tucked some temporary tattoos into my suitcase as a treat for the kiddies.  I mapped out a treasure hunt and my little pirates hunted for their treasure that was hidden within the house.  And upon discovering it the tattoo frenzy commenced!

Preparing a tattoo for yours truly.

The application process.

A very cool (and very large) tattoo.

We spent the afternoon covering ourselves in tattoos and coloring like crazy.

Working on a drawing...

This afternoon I went on a little walk and guess who wanted to come with me?  Almudena, of course.  So we went on a walk together and she picked me some flowers.  I should have reprimanded her for picking flowers that we certainly shouldn’t have been picking but it was so sweet of her I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Lovely, lovely flowers.

And finally, this afternoon I went to the dentist.  My mouth has been bothering me after having my wisdom teeth removed two weeks ago and evidently, from what I gathered in Spanish, I have dry sockets.  However the dentist seemed to think that everything looked fine (although not quite healed) and that I will heal soon.  So overall, encouraging news for me!


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