Very Best Bag

3 Jul

I’m absolutely in love with this Coach bag, given to me by my wonderful mother before I left the United States.  My bag and I have not spent a moment apart since I left home!

BEAUTIFUL (and practical)

So, imagine the thrill I felt when, while perusing one of my favorite blogs, cupcakes and cashmere, I noticed that Emily has my bag!  The honor I felt…

Moving on from my super bolso, today was a busy and productive day.  I finally was able to purchase an Aborno de Transporte-a type of metro pass-for the month of July.  I agonized over the decision all week and after some complex mathematical calculations (all mathematical endeavors are complex for me) I  decided that it is well worth shelling out the money upfront for the entire month.

This afternoon Santi and I took the train into Madrid to walk around Retiro, examine the ducks, buy an ice cream, and wonder at the street performers.  We came home to an empty house and Santi actually (and shockingly) asked to take a nap, an idea with which I was very much on board.

Post-siesta I’m watching the soccer match in an empty house (the family went to a baptism), cheering on La Furia Roja.  15 minutes into the game and I can definitively say that the Spanish team is in navy uniforms and the Paraguayan team in red.  My understanding of the sport is really astounding…

Update:  GOAL!!!   Oh my gosh, there’s so much shouting here…and fireworks!  Spain just won, on to the semi-finals!


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