Hot, Hot Weekend

10 Jul

It’s 36 ºC today in Madrid (around 100 ºF), in other words, piping hot!  The last few two days have been very relaxing since the family went to Jávea for the weekend and left Jasmine and I at home in Madrid.

Before the crew left the city yesterday we went to the park in the morning to do what we do best: play, play, play.

Climbing around like a monkey.

Pretty as a princess.

And this series is priceless:

"Inés did you find that cookie on the ground?"


Inés, trying to hide the cookie she found on the ground and started eating from me...I wasn't fooled.

My little beans.

And a shot that sums up what taking pictures of small children is like. 9 out of 10 of my photos look like this one here: everyone looking in a different direction, yet nobody managing to look at the camera...

It was a late night out for me on Friday so I’m planning on going to bed soon.

Looking forward to a very big soccer game tomorrow night.

I'm ready to cheer on Spain in the World Cup final.


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