Campeones del Mundo!

13 Jul

Oh my gosh, where to start?  Maybe here…

"We are champions!"

On Sunday, July 11th, in the 116th minute of play of the World Cup Final, Iniesta scored the goal that won Spain its first World Cup in history.  And I watched the game and celebrated the victory surrounded by passionate soccer fans in Madrid!

Showing off my team spirit.

Last night the futbolistas returned to Madrid and the streets were full of people to see them as they made their way through the city.

The crowd near Antocha, ready and waiting to cheer for our World Cup champions. The experience was unreal...

Shouting, singing, and helicopters flying overhead.

Another view from our post on the corner.

And here we are, in the midst of the craziness!

Two days later and I think we’re beginning to return to normalcy here.

Yesterday morning we prepared a celebratory breakfast.  The family had bought me this “Authentic American Pancake Mix” a few weeks ago (note the Statue of Liberty on the package).

Good morning! Should we make pancakes for breakfast? (Notice that Santi is still wearing his soccer gear from the night before).

Our pancake mix that claimed to be "authentic American" yet lacked directions in English...

Santi and one of our pancakes!

They kind of resembled pancakes, but Santi eventually started calling them crepes.

Success! Enjoying our "tortillas americanas."

Breakfast time with Cousin Javi!

And a few final pictures of my kiddies:

All ready for our morning walk, and representing the Knights!

And my little beaner, still supporting the Furia Roja the morning after the huge win.


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