19 Jul

Sometimes the kids make me want to pull my hair out and sit down on the floor and cry.  But then sometimes you peak over the stroller and see a little bean sleeping like this.  She’s so precious, I wanted to squeeze her!

Inés was out like a light.

She woke up when we walked into the house but she wouldn't let me take her out of the stroller so she's now sleeping in her room, in her stroller, bless her heart. In a bit I'll make the stroller-bed transfer...

We spent the morning playing with Cousin Nacho at his house.

Nacho, enjoying some lunch.

Posing, pretty in pink.

Having a little snack.

It’s hot, hot, hot here in the city and I’m about to imitate Inés and lay down for a siesta


One Response to “Love.”

  1. Megan August 9, 2010 at 2:34 am #

    First of all, I LOVE LOVE this blog!!!! Second of all, how come you didnt send it to me until now girl!?!?! It seriously is so good to see what you have been up to! I am now a regular and will be checkin this on a daily basis. Come home soon, but keep blogging in the meantime! Love you!

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