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One of Those Days

31 Aug

Well, well, well it was a long day here with the kiddies.

The best I could get out of the gang this morning...2 out of 3 beans looking at the camera is a success.

On our morning walk we noticed that leaves were starting to fall from the trees!  Autumn is in the air here and I needed to pull on a sweater this afternoon.

The seasons are changing here in Madrid!

Our dried leaf bouquets: evidence that summer is winding down.

And finally, I had not one, but two visits today from good friends who I haven’t seen in a few weeks (since we’ve been on vacation).  It was very good to catch up with both Polly and Zully!


Pizza and Beer

30 Aug

For a day that started out a little on the rough side (with Inés screaming very loudly very early this morning) my Monday ended perfectly.  I had planned on going to the gym but jumped at an unexpected invitation for a cena out of the house (it’s shocking that a cervecita sounded more appealing than the treadmill, right?).  We sat outside and noshed on margarita pizzas at a little restaurant down the street.

Adorable, but I'm exhausted after a day of running around behind these little ones. Park, pool, nap, pool (you know the drill)...and now it's off to bed so I can keep up tomorrow!

Kids Come Home

29 Aug

The kiddes were in Jávea this past week so things around the house in Madrid were very mellow.

The girls came back two nights ago (Santi will be home tomorrow) and we’ve had no problem getting back into our favorite routines (parks, pool, and siesta).

Almu, pretty in pink, in "The Big Park"

Playing away at "The Park with Rocks" (it used to have pebbles on the ground ).

Last night I had dinner with a friend and then crawled into bed very early.  Today the boys are watching Fórmula 1 (the Belgian Gran Prix) and I’m contemplating a trip to Madrid for a little window shopping.

And on a different subject here’s what we’ve been listening to recently:

1.  Mattafix, “Far From Over”

2. The Fugees, “No Woman, No Cry”

3. Mat Kearney, “Lifeline”

4. U2, “Sweetest Thing”

5. John Mayer, “Gravity”

6. Alicia Keys, “Empire State of Mind (Part II Broken Down)”

7. Coldplay, “Don’t Panic”

8. Maroon 5, “Sunday Morning”

9. The Black Lips, “Mushaboom”

10. Taylor Swift, “Tim McGraw” (I had to get a little country in there).

I think these are the best jams for late-night drives in the city.  This mix of genius has proved to be quality background music for long, rambling conversations…about the bests jobs (and the worst), the Developed World (and the Third World), our vacaciones that just ended (and the ones were scheming about now), growing up (but trying to stay young) and of course, just what exactly cutre means (I finally looked it up this afternoon).

La Puerta de Alcalá.

Well, the weekend is almost over and I’m getting ready for what’s sure to be a very busy, busy week.  Buenas noches!

Good Day and Good Night

28 Aug

Today was a relaxing Friday, I hit up the gym and then took a long nap.

Later I enjoyed a night out, we went to see “Origen” (“Inception”) which I liked but didn’t quite fully understand.

A film that I'll need to see again.

And of course I had to include a photo of the chuches that complete the moviegoing experience for me. We munched away on gummies while I tired to follow Leo's adventures.

Things That Happened

26 Aug

(in Costa Ballena).  While Costa Ballena isn’t the most happening place in the world a few things did actually take place during our time in Andalucía.

1.  This gorgeous girl turned 6!  (More pictures of the big day are on their way).

Almu, enjoying her birthday breakfast and showing off a new Hello Kitty wallet.

2.  We snuck into the pool at the ritzy hotel next door to our house.

I loved the slides, the hot showers, and the big blue beach chairs.

Inés and Santi, enjoying the children's hot tub.

3.  Cousin Carlota lost two teeth!

Looking a bit like Dracula.

Almu and her sweet cousin.

4.  I became addicted to trashy Spanish press.

Juicy beach reading.

5.  We took time out to watch the sun set.

I need more moments like this one...

I had a busy day today!  I took an early morning nap, made a trip to the gym, painted a wardrobe (this turned out to be a very big project), picked up my dry cleaning, did some grocery shopping, and then plopped down on the couch, exhausted, to watch my very terrible (and very wonderful) soap opera.  I’m ready for a good night’s sleep!

This Is the Way I Live

24 Aug

I have so much to recount I’m worried that this post is going to be a little schizophrenic…but I’m going to try my best.

Today two very good things happened.  Firstly, I became a registered resident of Spain (thanks to my “bosses” who treat me very well).  I also joined a gym this afternoon, and oh boy, this gym!  I could rave about this super gym all day long!  I have a special key that allows me access to the entrance, opens my locker, records the kilometers I run on the treadmill and then gauges my progress on futuristic computers that are scattered around the workout complex.  The real question is what doesn’t this gym have to offer?  A gorgeous pool, lots of complementary classes, a lovely spa, and soccer players from the two major clubs in Madrid…I’m encantada!

El centro deportivo del Valle de las Cañas

Now, what have we been up to the last two weeks?  We’ve been in Costa Ballena, near Cádiz, in Southern Spain.

Another picture Almu snapped. The girl is talented, right?

Costa Ballena itself can be summarized in a few pictures.

The beach (white sand, crystal clear water...)

the swimming pool, for when you get tired of the beach...

and the golf resort.

Literally, this is what Costa Ballena consists of and while certain individuals (who will remain nameless) have called the place a boring disaster I wouldn’t go so far.  Costa Ballena is very tranquil and I loved every minute I spent playing with the beans, reading by the pool, and swimming in the mar.

And speaking of those famous beans of mine…here is the crew in the house in Costa Ballena:

I let the girls style their own hair one morning on vacation and the results were fantastic, as documented here.

Me and the kiddies.

Well, I hope you’re having a good Tuesday, it’s time for me to crawl into my camita.

Tantas cosas que contarte

23 Aug

(So many things to tell you).

We are back in Madrid, very bronzed and very bummed to leave the beach behind us.

I'm back on the grid! Almu took this picture and although I'm looking sweaty and squinty I kind of like's for you, mama, sorry I've been MIA the past few weeks.

I can’t wait to post all the pictures of our heavenly vacations!  We had a really good time!

But for now all I have time for is a quick message for Almu (who turned 6 on Saturday).  Happy Birthday, princesa!  I love you so much and watching you grow up means the world to me.

So pretty and getting so old...This little lady just had a big birthday!