This Is the Way I Live

24 Aug

I have so much to recount I’m worried that this post is going to be a little schizophrenic…but I’m going to try my best.

Today two very good things happened.  Firstly, I became a registered resident of Spain (thanks to my “bosses” who treat me very well).  I also joined a gym this afternoon, and oh boy, this gym!  I could rave about this super gym all day long!  I have a special key that allows me access to the entrance, opens my locker, records the kilometers I run on the treadmill and then gauges my progress on futuristic computers that are scattered around the workout complex.  The real question is what doesn’t this gym have to offer?  A gorgeous pool, lots of complementary classes, a lovely spa, and soccer players from the two major clubs in Madrid…I’m encantada!

El centro deportivo del Valle de las Cañas

Now, what have we been up to the last two weeks?  We’ve been in Costa Ballena, near Cádiz, in Southern Spain.

Another picture Almu snapped. The girl is talented, right?

Costa Ballena itself can be summarized in a few pictures.

The beach (white sand, crystal clear water...)

the swimming pool, for when you get tired of the beach...

and the golf resort.

Literally, this is what Costa Ballena consists of and while certain individuals (who will remain nameless) have called the place a boring disaster I wouldn’t go so far.  Costa Ballena is very tranquil and I loved every minute I spent playing with the beans, reading by the pool, and swimming in the mar.

And speaking of those famous beans of mine…here is the crew in the house in Costa Ballena:

I let the girls style their own hair one morning on vacation and the results were fantastic, as documented here.

Me and the kiddies.

Well, I hope you’re having a good Tuesday, it’s time for me to crawl into my camita.


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