Things That Happened

26 Aug

(in Costa Ballena).  While Costa Ballena isn’t the most happening place in the world a few things did actually take place during our time in Andalucía.

1.  This gorgeous girl turned 6!  (More pictures of the big day are on their way).

Almu, enjoying her birthday breakfast and showing off a new Hello Kitty wallet.

2.  We snuck into the pool at the ritzy hotel next door to our house.

I loved the slides, the hot showers, and the big blue beach chairs.

Inés and Santi, enjoying the children's hot tub.

3.  Cousin Carlota lost two teeth!

Looking a bit like Dracula.

Almu and her sweet cousin.

4.  I became addicted to trashy Spanish press.

Juicy beach reading.

5.  We took time out to watch the sun set.

I need more moments like this one...

I had a busy day today!  I took an early morning nap, made a trip to the gym, painted a wardrobe (this turned out to be a very big project), picked up my dry cleaning, did some grocery shopping, and then plopped down on the couch, exhausted, to watch my very terrible (and very wonderful) soap opera.  I’m ready for a good night’s sleep!


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