Kids Come Home

29 Aug

The kiddes were in Jávea this past week so things around the house in Madrid were very mellow.

The girls came back two nights ago (Santi will be home tomorrow) and we’ve had no problem getting back into our favorite routines (parks, pool, and siesta).

Almu, pretty in pink, in "The Big Park"

Playing away at "The Park with Rocks" (it used to have pebbles on the ground ).

Last night I had dinner with a friend and then crawled into bed very early.  Today the boys are watching Fórmula 1 (the Belgian Gran Prix) and I’m contemplating a trip to Madrid for a little window shopping.

And on a different subject here’s what we’ve been listening to recently:

1.  Mattafix, “Far From Over”

2. The Fugees, “No Woman, No Cry”

3. Mat Kearney, “Lifeline”

4. U2, “Sweetest Thing”

5. John Mayer, “Gravity”

6. Alicia Keys, “Empire State of Mind (Part II Broken Down)”

7. Coldplay, “Don’t Panic”

8. Maroon 5, “Sunday Morning”

9. The Black Lips, “Mushaboom”

10. Taylor Swift, “Tim McGraw” (I had to get a little country in there).

I think these are the best jams for late-night drives in the city.  This mix of genius has proved to be quality background music for long, rambling conversations…about the bests jobs (and the worst), the Developed World (and the Third World), our vacaciones that just ended (and the ones were scheming about now), growing up (but trying to stay young) and of course, just what exactly cutre means (I finally looked it up this afternoon).

La Puerta de Alcalá.

Well, the weekend is almost over and I’m getting ready for what’s sure to be a very busy, busy week.  Buenas noches!


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