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There’s No Place Like Home

28 Sep

Dorothy and I agree.

Rather than think of how much I miss this family,

Almu, Inés, and Santi in Costa Ballena

this street,

A familiar route.

and this city,

Fuente de Cibeles

and drag myself into a nasty afternoon funk, I’m reminding myself of what I love about being right here in Minneapolis.

1.  Nothing screams cozy like baking at home on a cool day.

This morning I whipped up my favorite cookies.

Preparing a gingersnap.

And I'm not too modest to say that they're delicious! (I've already had five today so I would know)

2.  Pommes frites at Barbette with a girl I love…well, that’s perfect.

Catching up on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon was a almost too good to be true, I kept thinking, this is real, this is real!

3.  The Minnesota Twins!

Here's where I'll be on Friday night, happy as a clam.

4.  The Twin Cities Marathon is this Sunday.  I can’t wait to watch a few superstar runners I know!

A fall tradition of ours.

5.  And the Britney episode of “Glee” is tonight!


Go and Come Back

23 Sep

Madrid is cool and gray today, the weather matches my mood (that is the last bit of whining I’m going to do, I promise).

This morning I tracked down the rogue library book (I think a small person has been sleeping with it at night so I switched the borrowed book for one that belongs to us), packed up some clothes, and charged the ole’ Blackberry.

Tonight while Santi went to get his hair cut (thank goodness, it was time) the girls played away in their room.

Almu (in her new jammies)

Inés, opening up her blocks.

Don't you want to give her cheeks a little pinch? I certainly did! Too sweet!

I can’t believe that I’m headed home to Minneapolis tomorrow…I can’t wait to bake some cookies with my mama, discuss the Twins with my dad, and have a very long lunch date with my best friend.

Is This My Real Life?

22 Sep

I feel like I’m sleepwalking.

Today I returned some library books (one is still mysteriously at large in the house), did my laundry, downloaded some fresh new music for the flight this Friday, and of course, spent some time with these little beans…

All dressed up!

Two princesses and a pirate.

Princess Almu.

My Hand

20 Sep

Juego las cartas que me han tocado (I play the cards that I’ve been dealt).

Play what you've got.

Where to start?

I’ll try to keep this explanation of the recent happenings as brief as possible.  In a nutshell, I found out on Friday that I’ll most likely have to leave Madrid shortly in order to organize my legal status here in Spain for the coming year.  The last three days have been a blur and while I’m thrilled to be going home to see the people I love most in the world (my family, my friends, and Joe Mauer) I’ve been seriously jilted by the sudden change in plans.  I’ve quickly realized that I absolutely love living here and my heart aches thinking about how much I will miss la ciudad madrileña.

But enough of that subject for right now.  Here are some pictures from our weekend:

Inés playing with her puppy.

Looking especially cute, I thought.

We had a "picnic" in Santi's room on Saturday night.

We loved the glow in the dark bracelets that were sent to us (thank you so much, Auntie Monica)!

We sure got a big kick out of our new jewelry!

But wait, there’s more news!

It is Santi’s birthday today.  Happy, happy birthday, Santiago!  You are five years old today!

The birthday boy, showing off some birthday loot (the book was my gift to him)!

The kids had dinner at McDonald's to celebrate the big day! The PlayPlace was pretty cool...

Inés, booking it through the obstacle course with Almu in pursuit behind her.

Oh Dear

18 Sep

This should give you a good idea of how the trip to the Embassy went.  Not as well as we’d hoped.


also helpful...

and then this.

Friday on Thursday

16 Sep

(Tomorrow I have the day off because I’ll be working on Saturday).

Today was a rainy day here in the capital.

We had some fun inside though, I’m very used to being in the audience for various skits, plays, and recitals that go at our house.

This afternoon's entertainment involved a lot of singing and arm waving.

And a less attentive member of the audience.

What Did You Do Today?

15 Sep

I let Inés help me tidy up the kitchen.

Look at that girl clean!

I did some crafts with kids.

Our new art supplies were begging to be used...

Just look at those fresh crayons!

Inés, going to town.

Almu, showing off her work.

My little artists, coloring away.

And I ate half a watermelon, but not on purpose, it’s just one of those foods that I can’t stop snacking on once I start (I don’t have a picture of the watermelon because it’s all in my tummy)!

Now I’m getting ready for bed, I’m one tired nanny.