1 Sep

Over a month ago I spent a weekend in Torrelaguna with Polly and her family.  We spent that Saturday morning walking around the medieval town but I forgot my  camera (obviously) so the trip was not exceptionally well documented.  Polly did take some pictures with her phone that she shared with me yesterday afternoon.

Me and Polly's 3-year-old son, Alejandro, outside one of the entrances to the town.

Me and Ale.

Checking out the water fountain.

Iglesia de la Magdalena, 14th-century Gothic church.

Admiring the doorway or possibly noticing all the pigeons (equally intriguing).

This looks very important but I'm struggling to remember what exactly it is.

Getting much too close to this altar.

Posing on one of Torrelaguna's narrow streets.

Admiring a very handsome little boy.

Looking around.

I love all of these photos, probably because the weekend in Torrelaguna was such a nice, relaxing escapada.

It was a rainy day here in Madrid.  I’ve just been daydreaming about the weekend and having some free time!


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