Staying Out Until the Sunrise

5 Sep

Sometimes I wonder how I manage to pack so many activities into my tiempo libre.

I spent Saturday morning with the kiddies and then made a quick trip to my super gym.

I thought they were looking especially cute Saturday morning.

And we found something interesting to look at...

I spent part of the afternoon pouting because my plans to hit up Pozuelo’s fiestas were complicated by an uncooperative compañero.  Thankfully I got a call from a friend who dragged me out of my funk!  I let Paula convince me to go out for a little drink and then was talked into going out de marcha.  We had such a fun night out in Moncloa!

Club stamp. And my unmanicured nails...and my "patriotic" bracelet for which I've been given lots of grief but still wear proudly!

Today I dragged my butt to the gym (I know, two days in a row).  Later we went to see Salt (which was entertaining but, as Borja put it, Angelina Jolie is not a very talented actress).

It’s off to bed now!


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