Summer Winds Down

6 Sep

Happy Labor Day!  Today is the first day of our last week of summer vacation.

We had Cousin Javi over today!

Inés, Javi, and Santi playing away this morning.

Later on we headed to the “Big Park.”  The crisp breeze and the big, crunchy leaves on the ground made it feel like an autumn morning.

Inés, strapping her doll into the stroller (getting ready to take her for a walk).

Taking her baby for a stroll. Love, love, love her so much.

Santi and Inés (if you can't tell, Santi is holding Inés' hand).

I think I hear a little voice of someone who’s woken up from his siesta, so I should wrap this up now!

Update: just a few pictures from playing dress up this afternoon.

The crew, in their costumes.

Inés, looking like an adorable princess.

...Or maybe an adorable fairy, she's turning me into a frog in this one.

And tonight we tried on some new winter clothes!

I'm really liking Almu's dress (but they all look pretty good).


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