10 Sep

Yesterday Inés ventured off to her first day of school.  She cried, cried, and then cried some more, poor girl (she was not at all interested in being left at school).  She was content when we picked her up though so I’m thinking she did have a fun time.

All ready on her first day.

Organizing her backpack.

Almu, Santi, and I made a trip to the library while Inés spent the morning in school.

Waiting for the train.

And perusing a new book.

Today was a pretty routine kind of day.  I did have the afternoon free and I made a trip to Madrid to have a watch repaired at El Corte Ingles (they fixed my watch and I was thrilled with my success).  Afterward I did a little shopping and splurged on some very nice ballet flats that I’m now considering returning (although I keep thinking that I’d rather have one nice pair of shoes than five pairs of crummy ones).

A pretty box with something even prettier inside...

They're so, so gorgeous! (And very Spanish).

I put the kiddies to bed and just discovered that one of my favorite movies (The Interpreter) is on TV!  What a good Friday night treat, right?

Love Nicole Kidman, love Sean Penn, love this film, watching curled up on the sofa...


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