There’s No Place Like Home

28 Sep

Dorothy and I agree.

Rather than think of how much I miss this family,

Almu, Inés, and Santi in Costa Ballena

this street,

A familiar route.

and this city,

Fuente de Cibeles

and drag myself into a nasty afternoon funk, I’m reminding myself of what I love about being right here in Minneapolis.

1.  Nothing screams cozy like baking at home on a cool day.

This morning I whipped up my favorite cookies.

Preparing a gingersnap.

And I'm not too modest to say that they're delicious! (I've already had five today so I would know)

2.  Pommes frites at Barbette with a girl I love…well, that’s perfect.

Catching up on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon was a almost too good to be true, I kept thinking, this is real, this is real!

3.  The Minnesota Twins!

Here's where I'll be on Friday night, happy as a clam.

4.  The Twin Cities Marathon is this Sunday.  I can’t wait to watch a few superstar runners I know!

A fall tradition of ours.

5.  And the Britney episode of “Glee” is tonight!


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