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Happy Pink Day!

29 Oct

If you don't know what color you should be wearing today maybe you should watch this movie this weekend.

It’s Halloween time which means that it’s perfectly alright to consume a dozen miniature Twix bars before noon!  (It also means spooky seasonal treats should be made).

Nutter Butter ghost cookies!

I was in charge of the ghosties' eyes.

This weekend we’re heading to Madison with a solid mix that has plenty of Nicki Minaj tracks (my latest obsession)!

...fruity pebble barbie pendant don't forget to ice my kiss...

Hope y’all have a very haunted Halloween weekend!


A Pleasure Meeting You

28 Oct

This is Fig:

Hello, I'm Figgy and I'm 3 months old.

Fig’s Likes: her blue felt toy, following us around the house, and snuggling in bed

Fig’s Dislikes: the vacuum


...and snuggling

This kitten is a serious character, everything (and I mean everything) becomes a toy for her to wrestle with, jump at, and bat around like crazy.  But tonight the mouser is curled up in a little ball purring (it’s almost too cute).

Have You Seen My Kitty?

27 Oct

My kitty is a little tabby cat.

We adopted an adorable kitten and her name is Fig!  She’s spunky, goofy, and very sweet.

And if you’ve never played Have You Seen My Kitty? I sure am sorry (maybe I can organize a game for you sometime).

Rainy Weekend

24 Oct

How was your weekend?

Mine started out with a little Yves Klein.

Yves Klein, Untitled Pink Monochrome (MP19) c. 1962

I spent some time with Klein’s chefs-d’oeuvre when I studied abroad in France.

Nice, where the French painter was born, is lovely.

In Southern France we spent the majority of our time in modern and contemporary art museums (where we were serious and focused the entire time).

Tatsuo Miyajima, Mirror 2007

But despite some shenanigans and the occasional whining over being trapped inside on gorgeous days Klein’s work made an impression on me.  So on Saturday we visited the exhibit Yves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers at the Walker Art Center.

My weekend wrapped-up with the purchase of some shiny new puddle boots (just in time for the gray weather that’s arrived in Minneapolis).

I love these black Hunter boots. I think they are both timeless and classy. And if they helped the Allies win the war then this footwear ought to do something special for me too.

And mixed into the museum-going, boot-buying fun was a lot of football (we watched the Wisconsin game, the Carleton game, and now we’re watching the Vikings at Green Bay).

The Badgers beat the Hawkeyes!

I’m hoping for a productive (kitten-filled) week!

Ho-hum Kind of Day

21 Oct

But these (ancient) pictures aren’t ho-hum at all!  I discovered a folder on my desktop with Lo mejor de Hondarribía written on it…

So here is what the best of Fuenterrabía looks like:

View of the town.

Almlu took this as we waited for the ferry to pick us up and bring us home one afternoon.

Looking out towards the French shore.

Boats in the harbor.

The Parador, a 10th century fortress.

San Nikolas.

A narrow street in the old quarter.

The beach at Hondaya (That's Inesita and Almudena Madre).

And a favorite bar, which I always thought was called "Alaska," but in reality is called "Azkin."

And on a completely unrelated note here are a few photos (that are not at all ho-hum) from the November issue of GQ.  I like these shots almost as much as I like New Directions’ version of “Empire State of Mind” (which is a lot, you guys).

Loving Quinn, loving Finn, and then we've got Rachel in there...

Adorable! (Or kind of racy?)

Again, can someone just crop Lea Michele right out?

Footballing (and Whoopie Pies)

19 Oct

I spent the weekend watching football.

On Saturday we headed down to Northfield and cheered for our alma mater as they took on the Olies.

We were crushed by our crosstown rivals.

But despite the loss we enjoyed the fall sunshine and catching up in my favorite town in the world.

The Bald Spot.

And the Observatory.

On Sunday we watched both the Packer and Vikings game (like I said, a lot of football for me this weekend).

Burgers, wings, and beer (and football)!

And tonight I rallied the troops to the cause of Pumpkin Whoopie Pies (I found the recipe here)!

Pumpkin cakes, cooling.

I couldn't stop planning to bake these treats since I had one (or 5) in New York last week. Our pies might rival Magnolia's!

New York Minute

16 Oct

I visited a friend in the Big Apple this week, and was enchanted by the famous city.

I especially loved:

1.  A morning in Central Park

It's no Calhoun or Harriet, but it's not too shabby, is it?

A gray day did not keep us inside (The Plaza is in the background).

2.  Being marched all over Manhattan by a tireless tour guide (my feet ache and my back is sore but I’m satisfied knowing I canvased a lot ground on that crowded island).

The view of Brooklyn from Pier 17.

3.  Sweet, sweet treats!

Magnolia Bakery (where I was given a respite from our long expeditions and where I also consumed a few life-changing pumpkin whoopie pies).

I also indulged in a "candy" cupcake from Crumbs (or maybe two cupcakes...but it was worth it). Aren't they too pretty?

4.  And finally, being reminded of Madrid

I was so surprised to see Times Square filled with balloons promoting Spanish tourism (and celebrating the 100th anniversary of Gran Vía).

Then I nearly burst with excitement when I spotted the Zara on 5th Avenue.

And I snapped a picture of Columbus Square because it reminded me so distinctly of Plaza Colón (Columbus Square) in Madrid.

I’m not certain if NYC was in a particularly Spanish mood this week or if it’s just an international city and what I’m able to detect are the influences that strike me as most reminiscent of life in Madrid.  Either way I had moments in which I felt like I was sharing an inside joke with the city, as if the storefront of Tous was coyly winking at me as I trotted along towards Rockefeller Center.