Best Days

4 Oct

Doesn’t it seem like when the weather is perfect everything else feels a little bit better?  Last week we enjoyed one beautiful fall day after the next and a little bird (Paul Douglas, actually) told me that the upcoming week would also be heavenly.

Yesterday I cheered on friends  as they ran their first marathon (and they made it look fun and painless).

We watched, clapped, and cheered for the runners as they trotted through our neighborhood Sunday morning.

I broke out my glitter pens to make this dazzling sign.

Inspired by the runners we went on our own (much shorter) jog and enjoyed the autumn colors on our route.

The path along Minnehaha Creek.

And last night’s dinner was a genuine feast!  I ate until I was bursting and then sipped on some homemade grappa as an aperatif (although it didn’t help much with settling all the lamb in my stuffed stomach).

My uncle cooked lamb last night for Sunday dinner.

I filled up my plate with lamb, rice, green beans, and olives. My mouth is watering just looking at this picture.

I’m hoping to squeeze in lots of walks, bike rides, and jogs before the weather turns seriously chilly here in Minneapolis!


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