You Give Me Fever

5 Oct

It sure is exciting to come back home to Minneapolis and find that everyone is talking about what I’m constantly thinking about (Twins Baseball)!

Our view of last Friday night's game.

Yesterday night we had the chance to make some sugar cookies and we honored the home team with adorable Minnesota-shaped treats (we also baked some Halloween ghosties, moons, and my favorite lions).

We used great-grandma Bowers' simple (but perfect) recipe.

Grandma Lorraine's cookie cutters (we're partial to the cute lion and the fat rooster).

Grandma Iris' advice: "don't let them get brown in the oven."

After not burning the cookies (thank you, grandma) we whipped up some Jiffy Frosting (some of us did a better job of frosting the cookies than others).

Jiffy's packaging makes me feel nostalgic.

The final product made a very tasty mid-afternoon snack (I had to say “mid-afternoon snack” because I’m about to dig into my late-afternoon snack).

Lion-shaped sugar cookies and a glass of cold milk! I'm thinking that my late-afternoon snack is going to resemble my mid-afternoon snack. Yum, yum, and yum.

Well, it’s already Wednesday tomorrow, and the first game of the play-offs!

Let's go Twins!


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