The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

7 Oct

So I’ll start with the good (and I mean really good).

I’m a really big fan of fall.  And if there’s one food that screams fall it’s crisp apples.  And if there’s a food that screams fall with a tambourine in its hand it’s apple crisp.

I’ve always loved apple crisp but had never tried making it.  I found a simple recipe in a recipe book Carleton alumni (the class of 1955) had given us when we graduated in June.  So this morning I set out to  tackle Bill Buffett’s apple crisp.

I used Granny Smith and Golden Delicious apples.

My apples, all ready in the pan.

Baked to golden perfection.

Soft, baked apples and buttery crisp.

I know I compliment my own baking fairly regularly but this apple crisp is truly phenomenal (bless your heart, Bill Buffett)!  It’s a dangerous treat to have in the house.

And now for the bad.

The Twins lost to the Yankees last night.

My lucky shirt just didn't do the trick.

We watched the game and stuffed ourselves with reubens and burgers at Patrick McGovern’s.  The tasty food and my hilarious baseball-watching partner almost compensated for a tough loss.

This meal dominated us.

And this kid throws down baseball statistics like Sports Center (and he's a lot funnier than Sports Center).

And finally for the ugly…

High-definition television is no friend of this man.



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