Ho-hum Kind of Day

21 Oct

But these (ancient) pictures aren’t ho-hum at all!  I discovered a folder on my desktop with Lo mejor de Hondarribía written on it…

So here is what the best of Fuenterrabía looks like:

View of the town.

Almlu took this as we waited for the ferry to pick us up and bring us home one afternoon.

Looking out towards the French shore.

Boats in the harbor.

The Parador, a 10th century fortress.

San Nikolas.

A narrow street in the old quarter.

The beach at Hondaya (That's Inesita and Almudena Madre).

And a favorite bar, which I always thought was called "Alaska," but in reality is called "Azkin."

And on a completely unrelated note here are a few photos (that are not at all ho-hum) from the November issue of GQ.  I like these shots almost as much as I like New Directions’ version of “Empire State of Mind” (which is a lot, you guys).

Loving Quinn, loving Finn, and then we've got Rachel in there...

Adorable! (Or kind of racy?)

Again, can someone just crop Lea Michele right out?


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