Rainy Weekend

24 Oct

How was your weekend?

Mine started out with a little Yves Klein.

Yves Klein, Untitled Pink Monochrome (MP19) c. 1962

I spent some time with Klein’s chefs-d’oeuvre when I studied abroad in France.

Nice, where the French painter was born, is lovely.

In Southern France we spent the majority of our time in modern and contemporary art museums (where we were serious and focused the entire time).

Tatsuo Miyajima, Mirror 2007

But despite some shenanigans and the occasional whining over being trapped inside on gorgeous days Klein’s work made an impression on me.  So on Saturday we visited the exhibit Yves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers at the Walker Art Center.

My weekend wrapped-up with the purchase of some shiny new puddle boots (just in time for the gray weather that’s arrived in Minneapolis).

I love these black Hunter boots. I think they are both timeless and classy. And if they helped the Allies win the war then this footwear ought to do something special for me too.

And mixed into the museum-going, boot-buying fun was a lot of football (we watched the Wisconsin game, the Carleton game, and now we’re watching the Vikings at Green Bay).

The Badgers beat the Hawkeyes!

I’m hoping for a productive (kitten-filled) week!


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