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Heat Wave

29 Nov

It was a balmy 45º F in Minneapolis today so we went for an afternoon walk.

It was so warm out I took off my mittens and we pretended that is was spring instead of winter!

Lake Hiawatha

And sunset over the lake


Big Lake and Chilly Wind

27 Nov

How was your Thanksgiving?

I had such a nice day with my family; highlights were a mid-afternoon nap (to prepare for the feast), Billy’s spicy scalloped potatoes, and a competitive game of kickball in the snow.

A classic Thanksgiving tradition

Earlier this week we went to the North Shore and had a very relaxing (and very cold) trip.

Canal Street in Duluth

We went on a few walks downtown, learned about the largest (and best) Great Lake at the aquarium, and drove out to the point to watch the sunset.

Posing in front of a mini-doughnut stand (I mistook the mini-doughnut stand for a serious ship)

Duluth Harbor

Superior Bay

Snowy dunes out on the Point

Waves on the lake

I hope your holiday weekend is going well, we are officially listening to the Christmas music station 24 hours a day around here!

Stunning sunset over Superior Bay

Happy Turkey Day!

25 Nov

Feeling small at the North Shore earlier this week.

We went on a little vacation (which was fenomenal) but we are back home to celebrate Thanksgiving in the city.  I love the Star Tribune’s turkey coloring contest, stuffing with celery, and our expert puzzle assembly team.

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am so thankful for my family and my friends!

New Jams, Etc.

19 Nov

It’s Friday!

Just in time for Pink Day let me tell you about someone I truly love.

Strange cover, solid album.

This is what I’ve been listening to lately (it’s all Nicki Minaj and it’s all really good, you guys):

1. “Automatic” (feat. Teairra Mari)

2. “I Bought That” (Remix, feat. Era)

3. “Up All Night” (feat. Drake)

4. “WooHoo” (feat. Christina Aguilera)

5. “I’m the Best”

6. “Blazin” (feat. Kayne West)

(Or just download every Nicki track you can get your little hands on because the woman doesn’t record average songs).

On a different note, earlier this week we made these Nutmeg Sparklers:

Festive little cookies (just to be clear there is wax paper under the cookies, we don't cool them directly on the counter tops, I promise).

We found our recipie in Penzeys Spices' magazine!

To change the subject again Figgy has been two parts naughty and one part nice lately.  Hopefully as she grows up she’ll become less of a furry little troublemaker.

Unrolling a roll of toilet paper. This is naughty.

Taking a nap in my bed. This is nice.

Well, I can’t think of any other news to report so here’s some Nicki for your weekends…“I’m the best now, anybody with some money should invest now.”

Go listen to Nicki and I'm going to go buy some bold pink lipstick, alright?

Oh Hell No!

16 Nov

So, that is exactly  how I felt about the snowy weekend.

I was not very happy with Mother Nature.

Thankfully I had a small stash of library books I had picked out on Friday.

My very first non-assigned reading in a long, long time...

I dug into a juicy novel on Sunday (Kitty napped during my reading time).

The winter weather is be a major bummer but Figgy always makes me smile.

Fig likes to hide under the rug, she' super sneaky, huh?

Hey, What’s Good?

11 Nov

Well,  I’ll tell you what’s good on November 11th in Minneapolis.

Honoring the men and women who have served our country  is good (Happy Veterans Day)!

Me and my grandpa (a World War II veteran).

Catching up with close friends is good.

I feel like I'm cheating because this picture isn't from our recent dinner and lunch dates, it's actually months old, but look at those pretty senior ladies!

Warm brownies are good.

My mama's brownies.

New Jeffrey Campbell pumps are good (and green).

Wouldn't these shoes be cute with cuffed jeans, a simple white v-neck, and a classic pea coat?

And an outtake that sums up how most projects go around here these days, that is to say a little kitten named Figgy is highly involved with all of them.

And speaking of a certain kitty, Fig is good.



...and like I said, getting herself involved of course.

And finally, Florence and the Machine’s album Lungs is good (like really, really good).

I can't stop listening to "The Dog Days Are Over."

So, that’s what’s good!

Let’s Have a Tea Party!

9 Nov

Because we made Russian Tea Cakes last night!  I used this simple recipe and they turned out well (despite some confusion over the powdered sugar application, sugar the cookies after they have cooled).  They remind me of Christmas time!

Sugary round cookies

Kitty helped us by hiding under the rug, trying to jump into the oven, and pouncing on my feet.

I see you there, Figgy!

Now, are you excited to watch “Glee” tonight?  I am, I am!  And if you’re not just watch this and you will be!