Cute, Creepy, Crazy

8 Nov

Those are words I would use to describe the last few days around here.

First for the cute!  Fig brought the cuteness all weekend long.

Kitty napped during last night's "Dexter" marathon.

And she snuggled up with me.

Can you spot the little kitten paw? We accidentally discovered how much Fig loves to hide in a shopping bag this weekend.

And finally, the stinker tried to get involved during another screening of "Dexter" (the show is so addicting, I just can't get enough).

But Kitty wasn’t the only adorable creature that charmed me this weekend!

We went to the Como Zoo yesterday and saw my most favorite animals…the sea lions!  I wanted to jump in the tank and splash around with them.  I love their whiskers and their chubby looking bodies so much.

It's me and Sparky (not the real Sparky)!

We also visited the new Polar Bear Odyssey.

He looked right at me!

Before we went home we walked through the Conservatory.

The Sunken Garden.

Her hand gestures remind me of early morning entries in a frigid pool.

Pretty pink flowers

And a purple one

This photo looks just like one Almudenita took in Costa Ballena (it does because I copied her). Palm trees always make me feel very luxurious.

Now are you ready for the creepy?

We went to see a midnight showing of The Shining on Friday night and Jack Nicholson scared the pants off me!

"Danny isn't here, Mrs. Torrance."

And finally, I watched this music video a couple times.  It makes me want to plan una escapada to Barcelona and then do an intense abdominal workout (whoa, Shakira)!


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