Hey, What’s Good?

11 Nov

Well,  I’ll tell you what’s good on November 11th in Minneapolis.

Honoring the men and women who have served our country  is good (Happy Veterans Day)!

Me and my grandpa (a World War II veteran).

Catching up with close friends is good.

I feel like I'm cheating because this picture isn't from our recent dinner and lunch dates, it's actually months old, but look at those pretty senior ladies!

Warm brownies are good.

My mama's brownies.

New Jeffrey Campbell pumps are good (and green).

Wouldn't these shoes be cute with cuffed jeans, a simple white v-neck, and a classic pea coat?

And an outtake that sums up how most projects go around here these days, that is to say a little kitten named Figgy is highly involved with all of them.

And speaking of a certain kitty, Fig is good.



...and like I said, getting herself involved of course.

And finally, Florence and the Machine’s album Lungs is good (like really, really good).

I can't stop listening to "The Dog Days Are Over."

So, that’s what’s good!


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