New Jams, Etc.

19 Nov

It’s Friday!

Just in time for Pink Day let me tell you about someone I truly love.

Strange cover, solid album.

This is what I’ve been listening to lately (it’s all Nicki Minaj and it’s all really good, you guys):

1. “Automatic” (feat. Teairra Mari)

2. “I Bought That” (Remix, feat. Era)

3. “Up All Night” (feat. Drake)

4. “WooHoo” (feat. Christina Aguilera)

5. “I’m the Best”

6. “Blazin” (feat. Kayne West)

(Or just download every Nicki track you can get your little hands on because the woman doesn’t record average songs).

On a different note, earlier this week we made these Nutmeg Sparklers:

Festive little cookies (just to be clear there is wax paper under the cookies, we don't cool them directly on the counter tops, I promise).

We found our recipie in Penzeys Spices' magazine!

To change the subject again Figgy has been two parts naughty and one part nice lately.  Hopefully as she grows up she’ll become less of a furry little troublemaker.

Unrolling a roll of toilet paper. This is naughty.

Taking a nap in my bed. This is nice.

Well, I can’t think of any other news to report so here’s some Nicki for your weekends…“I’m the best now, anybody with some money should invest now.”

Go listen to Nicki and I'm going to go buy some bold pink lipstick, alright?


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