Really Too Sweet

6 Dec

If you’re a baby stop reading now because I’m about to share photos of the most adorable baby in the whole world and I wouldn’t want you to go comparing yourself to this precious little bean!

Baby Lena is back home and was at her very cutest during Sunday dinner last night. Look at those cheeks!

Here's the girl smiling on her grandma's lap.

And enjoying one of my mama's cupcakes. Also, see that iPhone on the table? This little person here knows how to operate the gadget and listen to her favorite tune, "Old MacDonald Had a Farm." She's a genius!

I was cold to the bone all morning so I decided to bake a cake (a decent excuse to turn on the oven and warm up the kitchen, I think).  I used one of Martha’s recipes to make my very first carrot cake ever.  Grating the carrots was a little putzy (and a tab bit scary due to a childhood mishap with a cheese grater that I won’t describe) but the little cake was worth the trouble!

This is my carrot cake batter.

And this is my carrot cake!

I hope you’re having a cozy Monday night!


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