Baby, Baby, Baby

9 Dec

What did you get up to today?  I spent my Thursday looking after the world’s cutest little girl.

Lena sits at the table for breakfast time. Also I think that goofy early morning hair must be a universal phenomenon because...

...look at this ancient photo of Inésita!

But back to Lena, we had some breakfast and then headed off to the library.

Smiling away

And looking a little shy (check out those chubby cheeks of hers)!

Now, as a little aside, I have to say that the only thing cuter than small children and animals on their own is small children and animals interacting with one another.  Lena and Fig were hilarious together all day long.

A promising start to a freindship: Lena offers to share her milk with Kitty (don't worry, I didn't let Fig touch her bottle).

And this series is priceless…

Lena is examining the BlackBerry, Kitty is examining Lena.

Kitty is trying to win some attention from Baby.

And finally, Lena plays with Kitty. I imagine Kitty is thrilled.

We spent the afternoon reading (chewing, opening, and throwing) our library books.  And of course we did some playing too!

Kitty followed Lena everywhere.

But Lena did not appreciate Kitty chewing on her bébé.

I’m going to go watch Charade now (and if you’ve never seen it you should)!  And that reminds me…this movie comes out tomorrow and cannot wait to see it.  Cannot wait, cannot wait!


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