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Ballerina Mania

24 Jan

Ever since we went to see Black Swan I’ve been dying to get my little mitts on some ballerina-inspired gear…

Zara silk crepe dress with lace mao collar

Old Nave corsage cardigan

Gap cap toe patent ballet flats

Coach madison leather wristlet

Ann Taylor pearl rodelle stretch bracelet

I would love to slip one of these pieces on and add an extra girlie touch to my usual uniform of white tees and skinny jeans.



Cold Snap Solution

20 Jan

(Or Rafa for Armani).

The tennis champ is the new face of Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani jeans…so while it’s a frigid night in Minneapolis (-7° F) his new Armani advertisements are anything but…

Nadal models the brand's undies...

...and jeans.

I Was Gone for a Minute

18 Jan

Baby Bash can explain, in this lovely song, exactly (maybe not exactly, but basically) what I’d like to write today.

But seriously, setting all rappers you’ve forgotten about aside, I found out this weekend that the Spaniards are letting me back into their country!  In honor of la buena noticia, here are a few pictures of the little beans I will be seeing (and hugging) in a few weeks…

Almudenita, showing off her birthday cake in Costa Ballena in August.

A few weeks before the birthday party, on the opposite coast of Spain in Fuenterrabía, Inésita and Almudenita perching above the ocean. What do you think Inés is explaining to Almu? Something complex!

Santi, showing off his million-dollar smile.

Inésita, posing in a precious little dress.

And another photo of Inésita, loving her strawberry popsicle, representing the Carleton Knights, and waiting to see the winning World Cup soccer team at Atocha (love, love, love the belly).

And just one more shot I love, love, love, Almudena (mother) and Santi marching off to check out an appearance of the World Cup champions at Atocha.

Have a terrific Tuesday night, you guys!

One Picture

4 Jan

It has been a normal kind of Tuesday here in Minneapolis.

Right now I am watching the Ohio State game (c’mon, Big Ten!), listening to a mellow song, and thinking about this little bean…

Giggling with Inésita.

Holiday Hangover

3 Jan

Kitty slept hers off in the gift exchange wreckage.

Late thing first, Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas tree, decorated with simple red ribbons.

And a lesser late thing second, Happy New Year!

Did you ring in 2011 with a crackling sparkler?

We celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at our casita.  I enjoyed spending time at home with the family!

The world’s most adorable baby made an appearance on Christmas Eve…


Showing off her Christmas dress.

Opening up a present.

Assembling blocks.

And eying a curious kitty (I still cannot get over what a dynamic little duo these two are).

And one more photo: here's Elanie, Lena, and Kitty! (Proof that I didn't spend my Christmas alone with the baby and the cat, there were other people there, really, I swear).

Well…it happens every year, months of excited buildup, a week of frenzied activity, and suddenly it is all over!   Thankfully Target has trotted out their Valentine’s Day gear and I can nurse my Christmas hangover with some Necco Conversation Hearts…