Holiday Hangover

3 Jan

Kitty slept hers off in the gift exchange wreckage.

Late thing first, Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas tree, decorated with simple red ribbons.

And a lesser late thing second, Happy New Year!

Did you ring in 2011 with a crackling sparkler?

We celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at our casita.  I enjoyed spending time at home with the family!

The world’s most adorable baby made an appearance on Christmas Eve…


Showing off her Christmas dress.

Opening up a present.

Assembling blocks.

And eying a curious kitty (I still cannot get over what a dynamic little duo these two are).

And one more photo: here's Elanie, Lena, and Kitty! (Proof that I didn't spend my Christmas alone with the baby and the cat, there were other people there, really, I swear).

Well…it happens every year, months of excited buildup, a week of frenzied activity, and suddenly it is all over!   Thankfully Target has trotted out their Valentine’s Day gear and I can nurse my Christmas hangover with some Necco Conversation Hearts…


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