Big Days

5 Feb

On Tuesday I hopped on plane and headed back to Madrid!  I can barely believe I am finally here but I am, I am!

What did I find under my pillow on Wednesday afternoon? Adorable gifts from Almu and Santi. Almu wrote, "Welcome, I've missed you, I love you." Santi carefully printed my name.

Yesterday morning I met a former professor (and my former jefa) for coffee.   We caught up with one another while we sipped cafés con leche and then window shopped along Gran Vía.

A very sunny view of Gran Vía.

That afternoon I picked Santi and Inésita up from school (Almu had gymnastics); the three of us made a stop at the Big Park on our way home!

Inés, back home after school.

Inés and her little baby doll.

Santi, playing yesterday night in his room.

And yesterday, February 4th, was Inésita’s third birthday!

The birthday girl, at breakfast.

...And opening her first birthday gift!

Santi stayed home from school “sick” so the two of us spent the day together.  First we whipped up some pretzels dipped in almond bark and decorated with colorful sugar and sprinkles!

Santi, showing off the cookies we made this morning for Inés' birthday party.

Next, Santi and I took a little walk to my gimnasio famoso.  I am once again a card carrying member of the best gym in Madrid (well, I think it is the best gym in Madrid)!

Santi, at Valle de las Cañas. The mountains are covered with snow!

Santi, very tired of the attention from the paparazzi.

We had some lunch and then assembled a Playmobil scene…

Santi, getting to work on his Playmobil.

And then, Inésita’s birthday party!

And a final photo that captures the chaos of two dozen children and lot of cake, candy and colorful costumes!

I escaped the house after the fiesta for a grownup dinner and now I am crawling into bed (although I might have to watch this video one more time).  I love, love, love Madrid but can any place truly compete with home?


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