Better Wednesday Than Monday

9 Feb

Or at least that is how I feel tonight!

For some reason I had a rocky start to the week but each day has been successively better than the last.

Yesterday morning I went to a spin class at my gimnasio; I underestimated how difficult the hour-long session would be and teetered off on shaky legs.  That afternoon Inés and I took her moto out for a spin in the urbanización.

Inés, riding on her little motorcycle.

And peeling away from me (she felt it was important I take a photo of her riding off towards the park).

Later last night I went out to dinner with Polly; gossiping over Cesar salads was a perfect end to my day.

And today…well, I had a very, very good one!

This morning I met the previously mentioned former jefa, Diane, to head to this museum:

Monastario de las Descalzas Reales

Unfortunately the museum was ocupado (I am not even going to try to begin to explain this one) so we had coffee, took a walk through the city, and bought tights (for me), and an umbrella (for Diane).

El Prado

In our wanderings around Madrid we made a stop at the Prado to see how much longer the Renoir exhibition will be open; it turns out I have only a few days to catch the French Impressionist at the museum, it closes on the 13th.  I enjoyed a scrumptious lunch with Diane and her host here in Spain and then took the train home.

Santi, Inés, and I stopped at "The Park with Rocks" after school.

It is off to bed now, I have plans to go back to the gym tomorrow and I do not stand a chance without a full night’s sleep…


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