Sweet Saint Valentine

14 Feb

Happy, happy Valentine’s Day!

After spin class this morning I came home to these gorgeous flowers!

Pink lilies and roses from this boy I love.

Next to the beautiful blooms was a box from my parents filled with American goodies for me (chocolate and magazines, what more could a girl possibly want?) as well as Twins gear for the little ones.  We had to try these shirts on as soon as we could!

Santi and Almu, representing Liriano and Morneau.

And Inés, rocking Mauer's number.

Trying to organize a group photo.

And this one is the best we could snap!

We were thrilled to receive the Twins tees!

Since it was Valentine’s Day this afternoon we whipped up some red and pink cards…

Inés and Santi, crafting away.

Santi and Almu, placing the final touches on a Valentine.

Santi, cutting out a few hearts.

Inés, inspecting my contributions to our cards.

Almu, incorporating Hello Kitty into the project.

...And showing off her lovely smile! She looks like a rosy-cheeked doll!

I made a Valentine for my mom and dad!

Santi, displaying my handiwork.

I love you, mama and I love you, dad!

I hope you are have a very good Día de San Valentín, I know my day has been absolutely perfect!  Here is one of my favorite love songs for your sweetheart–buenas noches!


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