“I Will Wake You Up”

20 Feb

“You do not look like you all are awake yet,” my spin instructor barked at my class on Friday morning, “but I will wake you up!”  She kept her word, kicked my butt, and earned the title of my most favorite trainer at the gym.

Friday afternoon I took advantage of the bright sunshine and took a little walk to submit a registration form for an online Spanish class offered by the Ayuntamiento de Pozuelo de Alarcón.

My walk looked like this, can you see the skyline of Madrid in the distance?

Later that day Santi headed to a birthday party.

Santi, looking sharp.

Posing with his mother and his yellow boat.

And getting a good squeeze from me! (I just noticed the ham leg in the background there, it is delicious, as we like to say).

Meanwhile the girls (Almu madre, Almu niña, a friend of Almudenita’s, Inés, and I) headed to Vips.

Vips is the best! I am now officially obsessed with their pancakes covered in syrups and whipped cream.

Members of the "Hello Kitty ring club," showing off the signature lip-gloss rings.

And Almu and Alicia, presenting their lovely drawings (which of course feature Hello Kitty) that they had made for me.

On Saturday morning I help Santi prepare for his rugby practice and Almu get ready for her painting class.

Santi in his rugby outfit.

Almu with her colorful painting.

Both the children, and another of Almu's cheerful paintings.

It rained and rained on Saturday which suited me perfectly since I spent most of my time napping (I was up most of the previous night with a sick little girl), having my nails done by Patricia (for only 9 € and they look flawless), and then meeting a friend in the city for a late dinner and drinks.

Today I had a very relaxing Sunday–sleeping in until 11, enjoying a short workout, and then watching Cisne negro (with a Coke Zero and a bag full of chuches).

I went to see Black Swan this afternoon.

So, how was your weekend?


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