Blue, Blue Monday

21 Feb

Mondays around here are never easy–but this morning was especially difficult.  Inés left the house in a hysterical fit screaming and squirming like mad.  And then, 10 minutes after her departure, I received a call saying she had arrived at school with only one shoe and no coat; clearly the temper tantrum had not abated during the short ride to school with her grandfather.

Despite the violent start to my day I did manage to accomplish a few tasks.  I went for a long run, consulted an academic counselor about studying at the Universidad Complutense, and took a walk to the Big Park with Almu, Santi, and Inés.

"Wait to take the picture! Wait!" (And how darling is Inés' hat?)

There's my little girl!

And another with a fierce smile!

Three beans, playing in the Big Park.

Not much other news to report–I hope you are having a lovely President’s Day!


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