Sunny Afternoons Make Us Smile

23 Feb

This morning as Almudenita pulled her sweatshirt over her head she announced, “I love you, Analisa!”  “I love you too, Almu,” I murmured, distracted and exhausted, as I stooped over to collect her pajamas that had been tossed on the floor, “Analisa,” she said, more forcefully, “but I love you more!”  I had to give her a very good hug right then and there!

I am sure that my day could not have began in any better way than with that sweet pronouncement from the little girl.

Almu, working on her homework assignment.

Santi, displaying the gap in his mouth from the tooth the he lost today (he must of swallowed it because he has no recollection of it falling out of his mouth).

And Santi and Inés, snacking in the Little Park yesterday afternoon.

The past few days have been filled with little achievements: my first lesson in an online language course, a plan for the purchase of a new cell phone, and an 8-kilometer jog with my gym’s running club.

And it helps that we have been enjoying gorgeous weather here (I am so sorry if you are buried in snow) but the Spanish sunshine has been sublime!

If you are still muddling through winter weather, this is a charming little advertisement for EF Language Schools that I discovered earlier this week.  Be warned however, watch this once and you will inevitably long to turn off your ordenador, pack your maleta, and head off to sunny Barcelona!


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