City Spring

26 Feb

Yesterday Almu and Santi (for reasons no one seemed entirely sure of) did not have school.

That meant that I spent the day with the two of them!  We took advantage of the unbelievable weather that we are enjoying in Madrid and went for a long walk to the library.

Almu and Santi, getting ready for our excursion.

And posing in their matching vests.

On our way home we had to make a quick stop at the Park with Rocks.

Almu, reading one of our new books.

And making what I call her "pirate face."

Santi, showing off the fresh gap in his grin.

Displaying his new smile.

And looking like a mighty handsome little man.

I absolutely love this series of photos that I snapped of Almu.





And finally smiling for me!

After lunch yesterday afternoon we brought out the crayons on markers!

Two artists, coloring and coloring.

And yesterday night, while Almu went to dinner at a friend’s house and Inés attended a birthday party, Santi and I snacked on tortitas at Vips.  My obsession with the restaurant is thriving!

These pancakes are becoming a dangerous habit of mine.

Fabiola's genius mother gave out flutes as party favors...Inés' flute went mysteriously missing sometime late last night.

This morning I went to the market and bought some new ribbons and then took a trip to the gym for a little swim (this means float) in the pool.

Now I am back home–watching Dexter, sipping a Coca-Cola Light and thinking about my plans for tonight.


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