Something Good

28 Feb

If you are suffering from a case of the Mondays my piece of advice is to give this song a quick listen–if Jakob Dylan cannot make you smile than nothing else will today!

I spent the day in a pleasant mood, my spirits buoyed by a fabulous weekend spent in the city.

On Saturday night I bravely met up with some brand new friends who showed me a very good time out on the town in Madrid.  Crawling (or collapsing) into bed at 7 in the morning I responsibly (read, miraculously) remembered to set my alarm to meet Diane for a museum trip and lunch date we had planned earlier last week.

Are you impressed that I arrived at Moncloa (our designated meeting spot) showered, with mercifully lent oversized Ray Bands hiding my sleepy face, and a bottle of mineral water clutched in my hand at exactly 12 o’clock sharp?  Clearly a testament of how much I truly love my former boss.

We headed to the Museo del traje which I thoroughly enjoyed.  It was fascinating to observe how European fashions have evolved over the past centuries.

Museo del Traje

Our walk back to the metro station from the museum looked like this.

As I hugged Diane goodbye (she is flying back to America as I type) I promised to keep her abreast of my constantly changing plan, laughing at myself for the incessant modifications that it seems to suffer.  She just shook her head at me and said, “that is exactly how plans tend to unfold, just be confident that one day you will wake up and you will be living in your dream” (that is my best English translation of what she said, at least).  Well, is that not the most perfect, sweet assurance a young person could ask for?

Anyway, today was a very standard kind of Monday around here in Pozuelo.

While Almu did her homework Santi, Inés, and I assembled a paper pirate ship!

Santi carefully situates a pirate on board our ship.

Inés and Santi show off our finished boat.

Santi finds inspiration in the project and draws his very own Spanish pirate ship.

And Inés proudly unveils her own colorful masterpiece.

We had dinner, read a story (one of my favorites, La bella y la bestia), and now the three little children are sleeping and I am desperately, desperately searching for new music to motivate myself tomorrow on the treadmill.  Earlier today I was coerced (by a very good-intentioned trainer) into registering for a half marathon in April and now I am frantically scrambling to do some kind of respectable run tomorrow morning in order to soothe my very nervous self.


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