What Kind of Day Is It?

10 Mar

Yesterday was my boss’ birthday, Ash Wednesday, and also a precious day off from my running regime.

Homemade cards we crafted for Nacho's birthday.

The family assembled and admiring the cake.

And blowing out the candles!

Today I went for a serious kind of run (16 kilometers) and then spent the rest of the day hobbling around after the three beans.

It was such a gorgeous Thursday (23° C)– my cheeks are pink and my nose is spotted with freckles from the hours I spent outdoors today!

And while I firmly banned Pepa from the dinner table earlier tonight Almudenita found a way for her doll to enjoy a dinner (of a tomato and slice of cake).

This is what I found when I walked into the girls' bedroom a few hours ago. I laughed out loud!

On on a different (and very exciting) note, while Santi (mayor) and I drank beers and picked at croquetas last night firm plans were laid for a weekend getaway to the beach.  The vacation days have been procured and my bikinis have been dug out of the corner of my bottom drawer–in one short week we are heading to Nerja (I am thrilled)!

Nerja (Málaga)

And I can promise that we will be listening to “Good Life” by OneRepublic at least once or twice on our four hour drive to the Costa del Sol.  I just cannot stop humming, “I say, ‘I got this feeling that you can’t fight’…Like this city is on fire tonight…”


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