Sun and Surf

21 Mar

Last week was a little tough around this house.  Inés was home from school with a nasty virus which meant long days and long nights looking after a sick little girl.

Inés, coloring a house.

And peeling off a new Hello Kitty sticker.

But despite the illness we stayed busy  last week constructing Father’s Day presents (which was on Saturday here in Spain) and supporting Almu at her gymnastics performance.

Santi, working on a Father's Day gift.

And Almu and Santi, showing off the Father's' Day banner.

Almu, posing before her gymnastics show.

And preparing to perform a somersault on the mat!

So after a particularly trying week my escape to Nerja came at the perfect time.  We spent the mornings at the beach and the afternoons sleeping lazy siestas (or watching a few episodes from the second season of Mad Men).  And at nighttime we sat on open patios noshing on pizza or chicken korma and sipping red wine and listening to the waves crash against the rocks…

The view from the kitchen terrace (the Balcón de Europa--the Balcony of Europe--juts out over the ocean).

The rocky shoreline and dark mountains.

Standing in front of the blue, blue Mediterranean Sea.

Smiling on the Balcón de Europa.

Admiring a canon that "served to keep the Moors out of our country."

Laughing at some quip made by my photographer.

And being so extremely photogenic.

I am grateful I had the opportunity to spend a few lovely days in the small seaside town (which, by the way, is packed, literally packed with English and German tourists–it was an odd change to blend in effortlessly rather than stand out awkwardly).  Now I am dreaming about taking another road trip back to Nerja during Semana Santa although rumors have been circulating about vacations in England and Portugal…

And Santi, my very sweet and patient tour guide, water bottle holder, and picture taker.


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