Rain or Shine

23 Mar

It has been dreary and gray in the city the last few days.

But I collected a handful of things that have helped to combat the bad weather blues…

1.  A lazy afternoon with the two oldest children making colorful collages and listening to the radio.

Almu, getting ready for some crafting in the kitchen.

And coloring a card.

A peek at our work.

And Santi, who joined us in the kitchen but did not participate in our cutting and pasting project (instead he played games on Almu's "computer").

2.  Chai Tea Lattes at Starbucks (these are a real treat since I worked out the math today and the drink costs nearly $5.00).

Earlier today I ducked out of the downpour and ordered an extra hot tea.

3.  This present that Almu drew for me:

The picture is me, holding the Spanish flag.

4.  And finally, “Solamente Tú,” by Pablo Alboran…a pretty, pretty song that appeared in my inbox a few days ago.

So, how do you shine when it’s raining outside?


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