Grind It Into Gear

28 Mar

It turns out that Monday mornings are just as tough in Madrid as they were in Northfield.  But my day did improve after it’s bumpy start.

Today I enjoyed…

A delicious salad, skyping with my mama, and coloring with the kids this afternoon.

I am not usually one to snap pictures of the food I eat (usually I am too busy shoveling bites into my mouth to engage in photography) but I made an exception for the salad I made myself today for lunch! I am just beginning to realize how much I love tuna...

Almu, coloring.

And showing off her mermaid.

Santi, coloring (look at that concentration on his face)!

And Inés, also coloring.

My alligator (or dinosaur--Almu suggested that I call him a dinosaur since alligators are not blue).

So, how was your Monday?




One Response to “Grind It Into Gear”

  1. Ann Andre March 28, 2011 at 10:36 pm #

    The salad looks really good! My stomach is growling too!!!

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