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Pretty Princesses

28 Apr

Tomorrow is “Costume Day” at Inésita’s school and this afternoon we tried on a few outfits.

She opted for a Belle’s yellow gown.

I asked Inésita to "smile like a princess." And this is what she did.

This is the best photo I managed to take of my little princess.

And speaking of princesses, did you hear these two are tying the know tomorrow?

The portrait of Will and Kate on their wedding program.

I am planning on watching the ceremony at the gym–and I am squeal-and-clap-my-hands excited about the event!


The Bunny and the Rivalry

27 Apr

The Easter Bunny paid a (belated) visit to our house yesterday afternoon.

Santi found a coloring book under his bed!

Inés, Almu, and Santi with their Easter surprises.

Santi and his new Spider-Man stickers.

Santi, coloring Spider-Man red.

And showing off his sweet smile.

Today we did a little more coloring.

Inés, coloring Dora the Explorer.

And posing with a green crayon.

All our pretty coloring crayons on the kitchen table.

We also played with a small toy car of Santiago’s.

Santi and his yellow car...

...that changes from yellow... red in warm water.

And voilà, the car is red!

Santi is so clever and thought to turn the car into a patriotic kind of vehicle!

The car, resembling the Spanish flag.

Tonight we tied on some patriotic bracelets in support of Real Madrid in their match against Barcelona.

Almu and her bracelet.

And I am wearing one too!

Santi wore his Iker Casillas jersey.

Santi, representing Real Madrid's goalkeeper.


And one final picture that I had to include; Santi looks so handsome (even more handsome than Casillas himself, I think)!

Update:  Messi scored two goals for Barça and left me disappointed–I was (shockingly) engaged in the game and spent 90 minutes picking my thumbnail, hoping that Madrid could win (my sudden zeal to see Barcelona lose had something to do with something nasty Piqué yelled a few weeks ago).

Semana Santa in Andalucía

26 Apr

On Wednesday we made the 5-hour drive from Madrid to Málaga to spend Semana Santa in Nerja.

Me, posing in front of the ocean on our walk to Mass.

The long weekend was rainy and cool but we filled our time indoors playing poker (but betting only sea shells) and watching television specials about the lives of the Spanish royal family.

On Good Friday we watched the Procession of the Burial of Christ and the Holy Virgin of Dolores.

The crowd outside the church on Friday night.

The procession, leaving the church.

The "cofradías," parading past us.

The Holy Virgin of Dolores (The Virgin of Sorrows).

The Virgin on her throne.

Jesus, carrying the cross.

On Sunday morning we witnessed the Procession of Christ resurrected and Holy Mary that wound through Nerja’s narrow streets.

The Procession of Christ Resurrected and the Virgin Mary.

Turning the corner.

And then raising the float.

On Sunday night we went to mass and then stuffed ourselves full of cuttlefish and mussels at a late dinner.

Yesterday afternoon we reluctantly headed back to the city and now I trying my best to fall back into our routine here at home.

Day In, Day Out

19 Apr

What have we been up to lately?

Yesterday morning we played our hearts out at the “Big Park.”

Inés brought her baby doll to the park.

We dressed the baby (approximately 50 times) in a red dress and striped jacket.

Inés and Santi worked on the Dora the Explorer puzzle.

Santi fit the last piece into place.

And this is what the puzzle looked like!

We also assemlbed a Spider Man puzzle.

Cousin Javi joined us at the park and them came home with us for lunch.

In the afternoon we colored in the kitchen.

We opened up a brand new box of Crayola coloring crayons.

Inés selected her colors carefully.

And Santi drew a small "door" that he taped on his actual door. Very creative, right?

This morning we headed to the “Park with Rocks.”

We decided to take our Silly Putty to the park.

Inés initially thought it was gum and tried to consume it (no need to worry, I quickly intervened).

I took a few photos of the littlest bean (all decked out in pink–she was so, so thrilled to put on her favorite color this morning) at the park.

Inés, getting situated...


...And then throwing the side-eye at Santi.

Now the little beans are sleeping siesta and I am listening to “La quiero a morir” and attempting to mentally pack my suitcase (because we are driving to the beach tomorrow afternoon)!

Weekend Update

17 Apr

Yesterday morning Santi, Inés, and I spent time playing outside in the urbanización before the family left the city to spend the day in the countryside.

Inés and Santi on Saturday morning.

Another photo of the sweet little beans.

Yesterday afternoon we went out for a late lunch and then browsed though books at the Casa del Libro on Gran Vía.  Last night we stayed in and watched the Madrid-Barça match (and I kept my negative commentary regarding soccer in general to an all-time minimum).

This morning we walked through El Rastro (and engaged in some all out StateFair-esque people watching).  Afterward we meandered through La Latina and then lunched at my most favorite restaurant in the Plaza de Santa Ana…Lateral’s tomato and mozzarella salad may be changing my life!

Me, posing in the market.

I had a very lovely, very typical tourist sort of weekend in Madrid!

…And just because I said “Weekend Update” maybe you should take a peak at this Ode to Tina Fey.

Spring Fever Strikes

15 Apr

Maybe it is my imagination but I feel as if everyone in Madrid is quietly counting down the hours, days, and minutes until we can pack up our swimsuits and sandals and trade the city for the beach.

I have had Nerja on my mind lately.

In the time not spent daydreaming about white sand and blue ocean the three beans and I have stayed busy.

Almu left yesterday for Jávea with her grandparents (she beat me to the beach).

Almu, Tuesday afternoon.

And yesterday Inés was released from school before lunch.  Later in the afternoon she and I played in the park while we waited for Santi near his school.  We played at a nearby park for the first (and last) time ever; Inés immediately christened it “The Burning Park” since some clever park planner forgot to plant a few trees.  That yellow slide nearly singed my little bum off!

"The Burning Park," roasting in the sun.

Inés with her "scary" wolf mask and her new orange bubbles.

Inés in the red swing.

Last night we celebrated the beginning of the descanso by breaking out some glow-in-the dark bracelets.

Santi and Inés with their new neon jewelery.

And another photo of the little beans.

Inés, organizing her bracelets.

And Santi, flailing his arms around.

Summer Starts

11 Apr

The weather in Madrid has been so sunny lately–freckles have popped out on my nose and Almu has been begging to go swimming in the pool!

Yesterday morning we went on on walk to the park (actually we made a stop at all three parks because we had some trouble agreeing on which we liked best).

The girls at "The Little Park" on Sunday morning.

And another photo of the matching ladies.

Santi and his new puzzle.

And this afternoon we stayed busy assembling puzzles and playing outside.

Inés and her new puzzle earlier this afternoon.

Inés inspecting the box...

Fitting the last piece into place (we already lost one)...

Working on the puzzle...

And showing off a colorful piece!

Hey, that's Dora!

Overall we had a pretty painless kind of Monday.  Hope yours is going well!

Almu, with a very fierce face outside our house today.