Sports Center

9 Apr

Maybe because the weather has taken a turn for the sunny, maybe because I finally dragged myself back to the gym yesterday, or maybe because I have watched (or suffered through) my fair share of soccer matches lately but I am feeling especially ready to get active.

On a related, athletic note, I was warned earlier today to stop announcing that “I ran down this street” every time we turn a corner in the city.  “Sometimes you are actually right and we are driving the half marathon course,” Santi said sweetly, “but most of the time you are wrong.”

And now–here are two of the cutest little beans in Madrid!

Almu, yesterday morning before school--I was trying to capture her cute pigtails and she thought I was trying to photograph her green folder.

And Santi, yesterday afternoon (this is the only way he would smile for me).

I am beginning to rethink this post’s title since my only exercise today involved a walk to the candy store with Monica for strawberry shaped gummies…but I am truly planning on going for a run tomorrow so I think I will just leave it alone.

I hope you are having a sporty weekend yourself!


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