Spring Fever Strikes

15 Apr

Maybe it is my imagination but I feel as if everyone in Madrid is quietly counting down the hours, days, and minutes until we can pack up our swimsuits and sandals and trade the city for the beach.

I have had Nerja on my mind lately.

In the time not spent daydreaming about white sand and blue ocean the three beans and I have stayed busy.

Almu left yesterday for Jávea with her grandparents (she beat me to the beach).

Almu, Tuesday afternoon.

And yesterday Inés was released from school before lunch.  Later in the afternoon she and I played in the park while we waited for Santi near his school.  We played at a nearby park for the first (and last) time ever; Inés immediately christened it “The Burning Park” since some clever park planner forgot to plant a few trees.  That yellow slide nearly singed my little bum off!

"The Burning Park," roasting in the sun.

Inés with her "scary" wolf mask and her new orange bubbles.

Inés in the red swing.

Last night we celebrated the beginning of the descanso by breaking out some glow-in-the dark bracelets.

Santi and Inés with their new neon jewelery.

And another photo of the little beans.

Inés, organizing her bracelets.

And Santi, flailing his arms around.


One Response to “Spring Fever Strikes”

  1. Ann Andre April 15, 2011 at 9:41 pm #

    It looks like summer in Madrid!! We are hoping for no snow here tonight 🙂
    I love the pictures!! And I agree with you – the silly park planners were not planning for the heat!!

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