Weekend Update

17 Apr

Yesterday morning Santi, Inés, and I spent time playing outside in the urbanización before the family left the city to spend the day in the countryside.

Inés and Santi on Saturday morning.

Another photo of the sweet little beans.

Yesterday afternoon we went out for a late lunch and then browsed though books at the Casa del Libro on Gran Vía.  Last night we stayed in and watched the Madrid-Barça match (and I kept my negative commentary regarding soccer in general to an all-time minimum).

This morning we walked through El Rastro (and engaged in some all out StateFair-esque people watching).  Afterward we meandered through La Latina and then lunched at my most favorite restaurant in the Plaza de Santa Ana…Lateral’s tomato and mozzarella salad may be changing my life!

Me, posing in the market.

I had a very lovely, very typical tourist sort of weekend in Madrid!

…And just because I said “Weekend Update” maybe you should take a peak at this Ode to Tina Fey.


One Response to “Weekend Update”

  1. Ann Andre April 18, 2011 at 11:15 pm #

    I love the pictures. They are even more precious because it is still cold (with a predicted snow) in Minnesota!! I also lauged out loud at the ode to Tina. Thank you.

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